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Getting to the Roots of Violence

I know that we are all trying to understand why, how, and what on earth is going on.

To say that it's been a Ramadan full of violence and grief would be an understatement. Our community started this month mourning the loss of arguably the greatest modern example of a Muslim. As the days proceeded, violence struck at home and around the world. The loss of innocent lives weighs heavily on our communities as we fast and pray for those who have passed, to protect those in danger, and to turn the hearts of those who oppress in the name of our faith.

It's a confusing and heavy time...

The question that's been on my mind is "what's going on with these men?" These young men who were once children. What chain of events led them to do what they did? At what point, or points, did their thought process lead them to believe that what they were about to do was more critical than life and self-preservation?

Most people in the field of countering violent extremism are (unfortuna…