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Swipe Left: The Problem with Online Matrimonial Platforms

Could all the real Muslim men please stand up?

Our community (and I think society as a whole) is faced with a crisis, thanks to the lack of real men. I've spent the past month putting myself "out there" via various online means for marriage-seeking purposes, and it's been incredibly entertaining (and shocking) along the way. If you ever need a good laugh, open up a profile on Minder and spend time browsing the profiles on there. I'm blessed to have developed an antennae for fake-man-crap thanks to my previous marriage, and therefore I refuse to engage with the men behind the entertaining and sometimes groan-worthy profiles (most of whom are Pakistani and Arab, by the way). But it's scary to flip through profile after profile of straight "what the hell were you thinking when you wrote that?!" or "YIKES! How is that picture appropriate?"

In fact, I've calculated the ratio of fake men to real men on any given Muslim matrimonial website t…