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On Fathers and Failed Relationships: Part 2

Sunday April 12th. My birthday. I was enjoying the company of some friends who are incredibly near and dear to me. I could hear my phone "ding" with messages in my purse, as it had been doing since the morning. I don't think I had felt this loved in a while. I felt whole and complete, and thankful for the blessings that the day had brought.

During a brief intermission from our rambunctious laughter, I decided to check my phone. I scrolled through the messages on the lock screen, and paused.

My dad had texted me.

"Salaam Sameera jaan. Happy birthday to a very special and only daughter. 33 years ago when the nurse put you in my arms that was the best thing that happened to our lives. I want to tell you and don't forget that I am very proud of you."

I haven't spoken to my father in 18 months. I had asked him to not call or text message because I wasn't ready to speak with him yet. But when I read his message, in my euphoric and blessed state, I decide…

What I Know For Sure

I'll be another year older soon. I've never written a blog around my birthday, but given how eventful the past year has been, I feel the need to. And when I say eventful, I mean this in a positive way! While it has also been emotionally challenging, and on some days it continues to be, I've learned an incredible amount about myself, who my circle of friends truly are, and of course, about marriage. And these lessons have been absolutely priceless.

Over the past month, I've been feeling much more confident than I have been over the past year. As I've blogged and posted on Facebook recently, confidence is something I've struggled with. And who hasn't? But recently, I'm starting to feel like myself again, but in a new re-invented way. I'm learning things about myself that I didn't know before.

One of the biggest discoveries I've made is how experiencing the small things in life makes me immensely happy. It ranges from random conversations with…