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Marriage...Interrupted, Part 4: Let Go, Let God

I recently saw a post on Instagram with four simple words.

Let go. Let God.
Despite the simplicity of these words, they resonated deeply with me. If I was asked to summarize the process of separation and divorce, these words are what I would choose. The essence of my experience, and what has made things somewhat "easier," has been letting go and letting God.

I've let go of thoughts and feelings that serve no purpose, and hold on for dear life to what I've learned.
The "Let God" process started quite a while ago, when I was confused about what was happening to our relationship and prayed for guidance. It continues to this day, and is an integral part of my spirituality. While I have days where I worry about my future to a point of wanting to draft out a Plan A to Z type of document with alternate scenarios to "if I don't get re-married by the age of BLANK", most of my days are spent content with allowing signs to crop up and fate to play out.