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Marriage...Interrupted, Part 3: The Half-Marriage

Before...and after.
Anyone who doesn't know the details of a couple's separation and divorce process sees only two moments in time: before the divorce and after the divorce. The before shot is an image of the happy couple, embraces and smiles shining brightly on Facebook profile and vacation pictures. *Sigh* And that of the "after" picture is a couple now split into two by a perfectly placed tear down the middle of a previously "happy" picture. Back to solo profile pictures, the maiden name, and deleted social media connections to the previous spouse and in-laws.
But what most people don't see are the numerous different snapshots of the roller-coaster struggle that married couples face between the before and after pictures. People don't see the endless number of conversations between husband and wife; the long hours on the phone with a supportive friend and the tears cried over the confusion; the shock upon first hearing the honest truth from your …