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I never thought I’d write an entry about fitness and nutrition, but here I am. While it’s a departure from my usual topics, I think it’s vital for our physical, mental and spiritual health that we pay attention to what we’re eating (i.e. shoving down out throats) and how active (or inactive) we are. So I thought I’d write about my own journey in the world of fitness and nutrition and how much I’m continuing to learn, about myself and what I’m eating, as I go along.

First, I need to address a little pet peeve of mine. I cannot stand it when women, who usually tend to be Muslim aunties, comment on how “skinny” I am, how I should be eating more, and how they’re sure I’ll be fat after I have children.

“Wait until you have children, beta,” they taunt.

“I was skinny like you when I got married, but wait a couple of years, you’ll see,” they threaten.

“Have you lost more weight?! Eat!,” they advise.

I tend to let these go into one ear and out the other. But it still bothers me that people lo…

The Year that Shopping Disappeared

My closet has recently been making me sick. I can’t stand looking in there anymore. And not because I don’t like the clothes I have…I have TOO MANY! How did I get to be such a clothes hoard?

Now, our walk in closet is quite small, so when I say “too many clothes”, it’s all relative. But for me and my standards, there’s too many. I don’t need all of these clothes (said no woman ever…but wait, I just did). The reason why I have so many is because of trends, patterns, colours, etc. But seriously, I can’t remember the last time I wore something into the ground, which is the way clothing used to work. For our grandparents or parents even, they had a few items of clothing that would be rotated and the need for shopping would only arise when a rip, tear or hole would show up, making it unwearable. But now…with the accessibility of malls, online shopping and the emphasis on physical appearance and keeping up with trends, we are being sucked into a vortex for endless clothes hunting.

And it’s …

The Lost Art of Elegance

I’m a sucker for floor length, long-sleeved evening gowns. Elie Saab is my favourite designer (did you know he’s from Lebanon?). Zuhair Murad has some gorgeous designs (when they’re not too sheer!). Manish Malholtra rocks the Indian fashion scene with his outfits, and Aman Dhalay with her East meets West brand Javeda rocks it in Calgary (she designed my wedding outfits). Temperly London and Jenny Packman are two top UK designers who have celebrities knocking at their door.

The one word that ties all of these fashion gurus together is elegance. Their designs are elegant, modest, and timeless. That’s probably why Kate Middleton, my fashion role model, wears all of the above brands and many like them.

But I wonder if generations after mine and Kate’s (we’re pretty much the same age!) are losing a sense of elegance. Elegance in style and behaviour is what I mean by this. Perhaps there is a shortage of role models who fit this definition, as there certainly seems to be within popular media…