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The Muslim Friendship Paradigm

It's a common statement that comes out of many Muslim parents' mouths. Children from our generation and those before have heard it expounded upon time and time again.

"Muslim girls and boys cannot be friends. Muslim boys and girls do not chit chat with one another. Muslim boys and girls cannot be around one another, hormones make them do sinful things."

"But yes, pleeeeeeeeease beta, marry a good Muslim boy OK?"

I wasn't raised around Muslims, since we lived in small towns where the Muslim population was even smaller. The only time I was exposed to Muslim boys was passing those by on campus at the University of Calgary (the handful of Muslims back in the day) or in their parents' car as they whizzed into the mosque parking lot for Friday prayer. Prior to marriage, as I'd walk to the Stampede grounds for Eid prayer twice a year, I would pass hounds of Muslim males, dressed in sparkling white (and off putting) white dress shoes and wreaking of co…