Ramadan Reflections '13, Day 1: Up and At 'Em!

I consider myself to be a morning person. According to Asif, I bounce out of bed and hop around our apartment like a bunny. Ok, so while I don't have that much energy, I usually find it easy to get going whereas he does not. We are complete opposites in this respect. At one point, I'd head to 6:00am hot yoga classes before I started work at 8:00am. Oh, the days of youth! But then I hit my 30s and that all ended.

This morning, I was NOT a morning person. I stumbled out of bed at 3:05am and could barely make my way into the kitchen. I was wearing a skirt and almost tripped on it, not once but multiple times. I dropped pieces of veggies for our omelet on the floor as I tried to chop like Canada's next Top Chef. It was not a pretty sight. I had become Asif and I knew at that moment how if felt to be in a fog of dazed confusion AND how hard it was to eat a decent meal. I could barely down my 2-egg veggie omelet and piece of toast. I realized at that moment that I was being humbled.

And then I thought about the Fajr (pre-dawn) prayer and THANKED God that it was the shortest prayer out of the 5 we do per day. At only 2 rakats long, I reflected at the point that perhaps Allah knew his followers would be dazed zombies at 3:05am in the morning and thus cut us a break by making the morning prayer the shortest. I thanked Allah even more for his thoughtfulness and generosity. Seriously, nothing in Islam is the way it is without having a reason. SubhanAllah.

I also thanked Allah for allowing me to complete the prayer without tripping up on my skirt once again and head planting into a contortion of a painful sujood. And with that, I wish you an easy first day of Ramadan, InshaAllah!


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