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Nine Months

Ha! You thought this post was about pregnancy, but I'm sorry to disappoint you, it's not! The nine months refer to how long we've been married (Alhamdulillah) and the lessons we have learned during this 75% term of our first-year-anniversary-journey. These tips may sound simple and common sense, but in the midst of busy lives and competing demands, they are easy to lose sight of. We hope you benefit from our learning :-)

1. Wake up each and every day with the goal of making your spouse smile...or better yet, laugh!

2. Let go of the things that make you want to say "I told you so". Are those really worth anything anyway?

3. Be in tune to how your spouse is feeling and ask them if you feel that something is up.

4. Make mutual decisions and ensure that both of you have responsibilities.

5. For all those strong and independent women out there, ask your husband for help!

6. Sit and talk each and every day. Turn off the TV, put your phones away, get comfortable next to o…