Hash Tags for #Muslims

It's been a while since I attempted to write a humorous Muslim related post. No, marriage has not sucked out my sense of humour...but I am busier these days! Recently though, as I've been delving into the world of Instagram, I've been noticing the funny and Muslim related hash tags that my followers and followed are using. And so I owe the inspiration for this blog to them (you know who you are!!). Here are my thoughts on the following Muslim-inspired hash tags (note: I don't know if they all exist, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did!):

1. #LowerYourGaze

This is my favourite one...I've seen it everywhere and used mostly in a humorous context. Keep it comin'! It's pretty harmless :)

2. #ThatIsHaram

I'm sure there are many a hijabi fashionista picture littered with this insensitive hash tag from disapproving aunties and conservative nay-sayers. God forbid a hijabi take a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror...they're human too, you know. I'm sure there are many "haram" things on Instagram.

3. #FiveADayKeepsTheShaytanAway

Umm, so subtlety may not be THIS person's strength...but it sure does rhyme well!

4. #GelatinFree

I am just WAITING for someone to post this on Instagram. I'm sure it exists and I should check before I publish this post. Nahhh, let the word spread about gelatin free products! The more, the merrier!

5. #Hijab4Life

I'm not in disagreement with this hash tag, I just think it's striking at the wrong level. I'd rather see #Muslim4Life...more on why I disagree with #Hijab4Life in my next blog entry. Sorry folks, you'll just have to wait!

6. #Astagfirillah

Sigh...here comes more nay-sayers, posting this hash tag in an attempt to force the person posting to repent for whatever they posted. Really?! We're reducing passing judgement to a hash tag? #Astagfirillah!!


7. #DawnToDusk

I am in favour of this hash tag since it educates non-Muslims about the reality of Ramadan. We don't fast from sunset to sunrise...that would save us an hour or so of fasting time! We start fasting when the sun STARTS to rise (dawn) and end our fast when the sun has SET (dusk).

8. #YesYesYes

The number of times that a Muslim women has to say "yes" during a Muslim wedding ceremony ("Nikah" in Arabic). That's right folks. Islam has a built in protection for women...the words need to come out of her lips. OR, the male guardian of the bride (usually father) is also permitted to accept the man on behalf of his daughter, but she needs to visibly agree to this and sign the contract. I actually didn't get a chance to say "yes" three times during my wedding, even though we sat with the Imam before hand and asked for this :-( But my dad did agree on my behalf. Oh well, it's the intention that matters!

I hope these hash tags got your creative juices flowing! There's no limit with hash tags...give it a shot! Just make sure that it's #Halal. 


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