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Hash Tags for #Muslims

It's been a while since I attempted to write a humorous Muslim related post. No, marriage has not sucked out my sense of humour...but I am busier these days! Recently though, as I've been delving into the world of Instagram, I've been noticing the funny and Muslim related hash tags that my followers and followed are using. And so I owe the inspiration for this blog to them (you know who you are!!). Here are my thoughts on the following Muslim-inspired hash tags (note: I don't know if they all exist, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did!):

1. #LowerYourGaze

This is my favourite one...I've seen it everywhere and used mostly in a humorous context. Keep it comin'! It's pretty harmless :)

2. #ThatIsHaram

I'm sure there are many a hijabi fashionista picture littered with this insensitive hash tag from disapproving aunties and conservative nay-sayers. God forbid a hijabi take a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror...they're human too, you know.…