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The Hijab Superiority Complex

The moment I stepped into our project's office at one of the schools I work at, a Muslim teacher came into the office in a huff, shut the door behind her, and proceeded to spew out her frustrations at me.

Apparently, at the assembly that afternoon, there was a skit by students regarding bullying. And she was shocked that in the skit, the grade 5 bully actors were all hijabi girls and the grade 5 victim girls were not wearing hijab. The teacher, as a hijabi Muslim, was insulted that the girls wearing the hijab were "chosen" to act as bullies towards the girls who didn't.

I stood there stunned, tried to control myself from rolling my eyes, and calmly said "I just walked into the school and wasn't at the assembly, but I'm sure that it's just a coincidence that it turned out that way"

She then huffed and puffed a little more (while invading my personal space) about how Muslims are already depicted as such bad people in the media and she certainly d…