Lighten Up!!

Muslims need a serious dose of humour.

I mean really, you search "Muslims" on Google Images, and this is what you get:

I kind of feel bad for this Muslim brothah. He's been the face of countless memes and on too many anti-Muslim blogs. I also feel bad saying that I find it kind of funny. I mean, the most stereotypical view of Muslim men is plastered all over the media and internet. And since there's nothing I can really do to stop any of this, I choose to laugh at it. Because deep down, I know that these images represent a small minority of Muslims and that they're chosen to go mainstream for the fear message they instil in non-Muslims about Muslims.

But I digress.

I read far too many comments on YouTube videos and Facebook pages from Muslims who are arguing over petty and stupid topics that have no relevance to what is posted. I love the ones insinuating that someone is going to hell because she's not wearing the headscarf...or because she doesn't wear it as most Muslims do which is by choking the carotid artery...or because she chooses to express herself through fashion while remaining modest. My God people, do you have nothing better to do than bash someone for liking M.A.C. makeup?! (and notice how all these hell-assigning comments are directed to females? Well, that's what you'll see too when you read 'em!)

Muslims are extremely good at bringing their fellow Muslims down. I'm not sure if it's because some Muslims are so "by the book" that it annoys them when other Muslims don't walk around like uptight zombies. It's probably a matter of "one-uping" someone too, in the way of "oh, look how pious I am, for MY hijab flows all the way down to my knees AND covers my bum at the same time". Oh for goodness sake, I'll choke you with your hijab if you keep talking like that.

I also don't know why Muslims can't seem to mind their own business. I mean really, I see your eyes gazing me up and down and wondering where my abaya is. But does this face really looks like it cares?! These are such petty, judgmental, superficial qualities to worry about. But that's what seems to make the front page for the Muslim Police every time. 

Again, we need a serious dose of humour inoculated into our Ummah, ASAP. But why should we as Muslims take a lighter look at pretty serious things?

Well, first and foremost, there's no use in worrying about things we can't control. You'll give yourself a heart attack. The conservatives will remain conservative, as will the ignorant and power hungry. Second, we can't change things around us that are not ready to be changed. Hence, we should shift how we see things and choose to embrace the lighter side. Cognitive behavioural therapy does wonders when one works within the Muslim community! This will make tough situations easier to deal with. And the key words are "deal with" since seeing things from a humorous side doesn't mean that we ignore them; on the contrary, we deal with them in a way that won't raise our blood pressures.

If you're looking for ways to turn on your funny bone, I would suggest looking into Mike Kerr. My workplace was awesome enough to have him speak to all of their employees last week, and he had me laughing hard. It was striking at how quick it was to implement his suggestions. I came out of his talk feeling lighter and with a tool I could actually implement right away. I'm currently reading his book "You Can't Be SERIOUS!" and it's pretty funny.

So yep, that's my scoop. I will continue to laugh and scoff at Muslims who believe they can assign others to hell. I will also laugh at the lunatics who continue to portray Islam in a negative light. And I hope y'all will laugh along with me. Because maybe...just maybe...the nay-sayers out there will begin to see that Muslims are human too.


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