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A Muslim's Halloween = Halaloween?!

Ohhhhhhhh, that time of year is here! I already hear the number of "Harams!" (meaning Islamically impermissible) and "Astagfirillahs!" (meaning asking for God's forgiveness) increasing from the mouths of Muslims as the spooky sounds of Halloween echo all around. You can basically divide Muslims into three groups: (a) Those who abhor Halloween and lock their kids in the house and pray extra hard to guard against kids knocking on their door; (b) those who think that participating in Halloween won't harm their kids' Muslim-ness; and (c) those who don't care about this topic and continue their lives on as normal.

I remember during the first season of "Little Mosque on the Prairie" an episode centred around Halloween. The Imam on the show, Ammar, suggested to a father that rather than stop his daughter from participating with her friends that they invent a Muslim version: he called it Halal-o-ween. His daughter was allowed to participate in tri…

Can I Have a Side of Islam With That?

It struck me about a month ago that I've changed. Upon catching up with a colleague I hadn't seen in about a year, we started chatting and she pointed out how much my viewpoint about our Muslim community had changed. She was right. But it wasn't until it was pointed out that I realized it.

Last year, the word that would describe my view point best was "Muslimization". I was all for creating Muslim-led social services in the city, for Muslims providing services to Muslims, and for our *organized* community to step it up to help their own people. Ha, I was thoroughly naive!

A year later, I realize that this didn't get me very far, stressed me out more than anything else in my life, and led me to burn out. I knew it was time to shift.

What I've come to realize over the past year is that Muslims are no different than other humans. In fact, we are the same as everyone else except that we view our lives through an Islamic lens. As part of the human condition, w…

Muslim Marriages Gone Wrong

We are close to reaching the 4 month mark of marriage, Alhamdulillah. So we've completed 30% of our first year of marriage lol! While this may not seem like a lot of time, it is to us. I was thinking back to the first month after returning from our honeymoon, and wow-wee, have we ever come a long way. The learning curve was steep and times were challenging with Ramadan and work and school...but thankfully, we came out on the other side stronger after that one month.

So in our four month married adventure together, I've had the chance to observe what other Muslim couples do (or don't do) when they're around one another. Letterman style, here are my top 5 pet peeves!

5. The husband expects a gourmet meal every evening

There's a saying out there that a man's stomach is the way to his heart. Islamically, this should read that a man's stomach can get him into Jahannam (aka Hell). Some men are just plain spoiled by their moms at home, so when they come into marr…

Lighten Up!!

Muslims need a serious dose of humour.
I mean really, you search "Muslims" on Google Images, and this is what you get:

I kind of feel bad for this Muslim brothah. He's been the face of countless memes and on too many anti-Muslim blogs. I also feel bad saying that I find it kind of funny. I mean, the most stereotypical view of Muslim men is plastered all over the media and internet. And since there's nothing I can really do to stop any of this, I choose to laugh at it. Because deep down, I know that these images represent a small minority of Muslims and that they're chosen to go mainstream for the fear message they instil in non-Muslims about Muslims.
But I digress.
I read far too many comments on YouTube videos and Facebook pages from Muslims who are arguing over petty and stupid topics that have no relevance to what is posted. I love the ones insinuating that someone is going to hell because she's not wearing the headscarf...or because she doesn't wear it as…