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The Real Iran

My mom's voice was hoarse by the end of the evening, but she still hadn't shared all of her stories. Even though her trip had only been for two weeks, she had no shortage of the latest news from my extended family in Iran. It had been ten years since she had been back, and there was much to be caught up on.

While my mom was away, the media just had to ironically focus itself onto Iran, with talks of nuclear weapons and war flying around. I was genuinely worried while my mom was there, especially after hearing about key embassy closures. Why on earth did this have to happen over these two weeks, I thought to myself.

It was only when my mom returned and we heard her side of things that I realized what a bunch of a-four-letter-word is on the news. My mom's description of Iran was that of a bustling, thriving, youth-run and innovative country. Sure, there are strange politicians in power who continues to make stupid mistakes when talking about nuclear stuff...but the people a…

The "Miracle" Garment

I've recently come across a few articles dealing with the hijab and the myth of it being a miracle garment that protects women from men. Apparently, this isn't the case in many Muslim countries where even women in burqas are being sexually harassed. One article cited Egypt as having a recent increase in sexual advances of men on hijabi women. While there may be many factors to explain this increase (i.e. increased sexualization of women in the media, rampant pornography online, etc), it doesn't help when scholars and parents alike are forcing girls to wear the hijab and telling them that it's all the protection they need.

In many Muslim households across the world, girls are not being told the entire "story" behind the hijab. Girls these days need to be taught how to be street smart. It's not solely about dressing modestly and hitting the streets without a care. And really, women only make up half the equation...what are  men being told to do about their…