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Ramadan Reflections

"Do you remember last Ramadan when we'd break our fast seated around this table? Did you think you'd be married a year later?! It just shows that you never know what tomorrow brings"

My mom reminisced during a recent Iftar, which we shared as a family once again since Asif was away at Geology field school. It felt surreal, sitting with my brother and parents...almost as if I was flashing back to a year ago when I had no idea who Asif Chaudhry was!

This year's Ramadan definitely has a different feel to it. I had the entire summer off last year, and spent the whole month with time on my side, working on community endeavours for the most part and focusing on my spiritual growth. It was still busy with MSDI being created, shooting a video for Mosquers, helping plan CIMAP, and preparing for a new role at work. Thinking back, I don't know how I cranked out 30 blog entries that month, I must have had a sick amount of energy (or else the crazies).

Going into Ramadan…