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The New Ramadan Era

We both agreed that it didn't feel like Ramadan. Not in the sense of having to fast per se, but rather in how this Ramadan felt different than others. It's really the first month of fasting where we have to create new a reality as a couple in our own home rather than with family.

Don't get me wrong, we were looking forward to Ramadan and the spiritual journey we were about to undertake. And at Day 4 if Ramadan 2012 and our apartment looking more like a home rather than Ikea, we've been afforded more time to focus on this precious month. Which means not worrying about what to cook for Iftar, but rather how we work together to support one another's quest for spiritual, physical, and mental harmony.

I think back to last Ramadan and realize how quickly life has changed. Last summer I was living at home with no marriage hope in sight. I focused on my own spiritual quest and devoted a large amount of time to Muslim community endeavours, including the birth of MSDI. I wa…

Turkey's Untapped Black Sea Coast

It didn't take long to realize that we were pretty much the only tourists on the Turkish Black Sea Coast (Karadeniz in Turkish)! When we were researching the parts of the country to visit, our book identified that the Black Sea was not often visited by tourists, but that its beauty is unparalleled to other parts of the country. With most visitors right away hitting up the Mediterranean Coast, we knew we wanted to explore somewhere that wouldn't be littered with tourists.

We did an insane amount of driving after landing in Ankara, in central Turkey. Well, Asif did, since our rental car was a standard! We drove treacherous winding roads through the mountains to get to our first stop, Amasra, which took around 6 hours with our speed barely hitting over 50 km/hour. Amasra is a beautiful and small seaside village with cute markets and warm hearted people. Our hotel was nestled away from the busy streets and looked shady on the outside! Once we stepped inside to an ultra modern and…