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Reality Check People!

Somewhere along the lines, we've decided that it's not our responsibility. We've decided that there's simply too much in life to handle, so we've given up. Smart and strong Muslims have retreated into their private self-study of Islam, forgetting that our religion is one of lived practice. They're ok with not educating themselves about issues, or if they are aware of them, shutting their eyes and moving on. It's not their problem to deal with.

Sisters and brothers, our community has a serious case of apathy. For those who are unaware of what this term means, here's the definition:

Apathy (noun): indifference or lack of interest towards important issues.

Good. Now that we're on the same page, I can hammer out the rest of this entry, since it's been bugging the heck out of me for a while.

Muslims have forgotten that we are human. Either that or Islam apparently defends believers from all the vices in life. But that doesn't explain the myriad o…

A Few Kind Words

I was sitting in a counselling service office while a family I've started working with was meeting with their counsellor. It had taken a lot of work on the school's end to get the family to take action with their child's struggles. But we were here. It was 4:30pm and I had been sitting and waiting on my tush for an hour and a half, checking work email, making to-do lists, and sorting out work tasks in my agenda. A very tattooed gentleman in his 40s sat down and started to fill in some paperwork while I flipped back and forth through my agenda. He handed his paperwork back to the secretary and walked towards me.

"Excuse me" he said. "Please keep doing what you do." And with that he smiled kindly and walked out the door.

Upon hearing his words, I almost started to cry. Did he know how disenchanted I was feeling earlier that day about the impact of my community involvement? Or the number of phone calls I received that morning? Or the fact that it had been…

Muslim Teen Angst

I had a feeling she wanted to talk about something, her body language gave it away. At first, she spoke about random things and then she hit me with the question she had been waiting to ask.

"Well, I actually wanted to ask you that if you break up with someone, can you be friends with them afterwards?"

There we go.

My mind immediately launched back to ISSA's training in Winnipeg. While we didn't cover how to work with Muslim teens in relationships at the conference, I tried to rack my brain for a response that wouldn't push the girl away from me yet somehow would get the message across to her that dating is not a great idea.

So she told me her story and I listened and gave her my insights here and there and then she hit me with another statement. MashaAllah this showed her maturity and how much she had been reflecting on her issue.

"I think I need to forgive him, since there's a Hadith that says if we don't forgive someone then there's a chance …