What Would YOU Say?!

I'll be blunt: Calgary Khutbas (the sermon given during Friday prayer) need a makeover. Far too many are focused on political issues in the Middle East, or are too general in nature about repetitive topics (being a good Muslim, prayer, etc), and most are disorganized and unrelatable to the audience that is listening. I'm not saying that these topics aren't important. What I'm saying is that we need to stop pounding the same nails on the head. And that meticulous preparation is needed to ensure that the Khutbah is well written and impacting.

And what shocks me even more is that social issues are almost never touched upon. And if they are, they are brushed over like taboo words and never delved into using the Quran and Hadith to talk about them in a safe way. Yet here we are sitting at an over 30% divorce rate among Muslims, and with substance abuse and domestic violence being the TOP TWO issues in our community according to a 2009 survey. And let's not mention mental health concerns, acculturation, practicing Islam in the West, etc.

How on earth are religious leaders not able to join the dots? We need awareness and advocacy rather than shame and silence.

We at MSDI (Muslim Social Development Initiative) have decided to do something about this. We believe that our community needs the microphone. We know that Muslims in Calgary have something to say about the concerns we're facing, and they just need a chance to say it. Imagine having the community at your listening disposal for one moment...what would you say?

Enter Battle of the Sermons: a contest that allows males in females from grade nine and up to submit original sermons on any social issue facing our community. Submissions may be in written, audio, or video format, and winners will be chosen within these areas. Topics may range from relationships (family, marriage, peers), youth, community, to Islam in the West and mental and physical health! The areas are broad enough to hopefully give people a space to say what they need to say.

I normally don't blog about MSDI events, but this is critical in giving our community a platform to speak. And I encourage you all to look into entering, not solely for the purpose of winning, but to give other Muslims a chance to hear what you have to say! We will be broadcasting/posting sermon entries as they arrive online, and our website will have sermons on there from the topics mentioned above.

For more information about this event, watch the trailer at: http://youtu.be/x9uqvcstkt8

Visit our website at: www.wix.com/msdicalgary/msdicalgary

The deadline for submissions is MAY 6th! So get writing! ;-)


  1. word to that! we need an imam khutba revolution! stop quoting fabricated hadiths!


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