The Lady Who Fell Asleep on my Shoulder

If you're an avid reader of my blog (HA!), you may recall an entry about an interfaith lecture I attended in November. I sat next to a sweet older lady who kept falling asleep on my shoulder. She later told me she had Parkinson's Disease and had a hard time controlling her core muscles, hence her sideways learning towards me. I told her I didn't mind and we launched into conversation about our careers, family, etc.

'Tis was the night we became friends!

I attended the second interfaith lecture in January and saw her walking up the road towards the Church. It put a huge smile on my face, and we ended up chatting again before the lecture. She jokingly said "I'm going to sit in front of you this time since I have two friends coming and they'll be my pillows this time around." And so she did!

The final lecture was held tonight, and lo and behold, my buddy was there! She came up to me and jokingly said to two fellow Muslim friends "I fell asleep on her shoulder during the first lecture". She then turns to Muslim Brothah, "Oh and is this your intended groom?". Someone then blushes, I won't reveal who, ahem!

So then I arrived home and thought to myself "will I see my friend again?" If it wasn't for this lecture, we would have never met, even though we live in the same neighbourhood (heck, neighbours on our street don't even talk, so who am I kidding?). I know she lives in a retirement home within Scenic Acres, but I can't recall her name. I'm pretty sure that if I describe her to the Pastors at the church, they'll know who I'm talking about.

And after quite a stressful day at work, I realized what's really important, and how to cherish the important moments. The fact that I can walk into this Lutheran Church in the future and I'm respected for being Muslim. The fact that a group of Christians and Muslims have decided to plan community service work together as an example to others. The fact that regardless of all the politics polluting the Muslim community in Calgary, I (InshaAllah, Alhamdulillah, and MashaAllah!!) have an amazing network of Muslim and non-Muslim friends who will support the cause.

And of course, I know the lady who fell asleep on my shoulder. May God bless her and InshaAllah our paths will cross again.


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