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The Lady Who Fell Asleep on my Shoulder

If you're an avid reader of my blog (HA!), you may recall an entry about an interfaith lecture I attended in November. I sat next to a sweet older lady who kept falling asleep on my shoulder. She later told me she had Parkinson's Disease and had a hard time controlling her core muscles, hence her sideways learning towards me. I told her I didn't mind and we launched into conversation about our careers, family, etc.

'Tis was the night we became friends!

I attended the second interfaith lecture in January and saw her walking up the road towards the Church. It put a huge smile on my face, and we ended up chatting again before the lecture. She jokingly said "I'm going to sit in front of you this time since I have two friends coming and they'll be my pillows this time around." And so she did!

The final lecture was held tonight, and lo and behold, my buddy was there! She came up to me and jokingly said to two fellow Muslim friends "I fell asleep on he…

What Would YOU Say?!

I'll be blunt: Calgary Khutbas (the sermon given during Friday prayer) need a makeover. Far too many are focused on political issues in the Middle East, or are too general in nature about repetitive topics (being a good Muslim, prayer, etc), and most are disorganized and unrelatable to the audience that is listening. I'm not saying that these topics aren't important. What I'm saying is that we need to stop pounding the same nails on the head. And that meticulous preparation is needed to ensure that the Khutbah is well written and impacting.

And what shocks me even more is that social issues are almost never touched upon. And if they are, they are brushed over like taboo words and never delved into using the Quran and Hadith to talk about them in a safe way. Yet here we are sitting at an over 30% divorce rate among Muslims, and with substance abuse and domestic violence being the TOP TWO issues in our community according to a 2009 survey. And let's not mention ment…

The Top Five Walima (Reception) Blunders

I haven't been to many weddings in my lifetime. And noooo, that's not because I'm a nuisance to have at weddings! It's mostly because my current social circle is either already married or single, or friends from past lives in various cities got married when I happened to move away. So anyway, I have been to a few weddings from our people (aka Muslims!), but have heard MANY stories about wedding trends from friends. Some sounded cool, but some sounded a little illogical. Here's a rundown of my take on these trends:

1. Midnight Dinners

Ok, so this is an exaggeration, but my God, why on earth does dinner have to be served after 9:00pm when the invitation states that guests need to be there three hours earlier? Does the bride need more time to get ready? Are the chickens being slaughtered out back for dinner? Or do people just like holding reception guests hostage and hearing their stomachs groan? Get organized people, this ain't the motherland! Let's eat and …