The Day That Shall Not Be Named

It's such a simple question.

Question: "Do Muslims celebrate Valentine's Day?"

Answer: "ASTAKRIFIRRILLAH blah blah blah blah blah HARAM HARAM HARAM blah blah blah blah blah hellfire with eternal fire and burning blah blah blah profanity HARAM etc etc"

See how the question hasn't been answered? Instead, the Muslim answering has turned into the Tazmanian Devil, spinning around like a hurricane maniac, and spitting out various forms of angry responses that makes the questioner even more confused.

With the "Day That Shall Be Named" quickly approaching, I've been seeing more anti-Valentine sentiments burning up my News Feed. Some with a fist squashing a heart, some with the word "haram" emblazoned on a heart, and some outright telling me that I'll go the hellfire if I celebrate it.

Ok, so I know that Muslims don't celebrate Valentine's Day. But the general public may not. So here's a wild idea:

Instead of getting worked up when Valentine's Day is asked about, perhaps we can a better job at explaining WHY we don't celebrate it and the beauty of Islam in supporting this stand.

Here's a suggestion on how to answer the above question: "Muslims don't celebrate Valentine's Day because it's a man-made idea. We don't subscribe to days celebrating a couple's love for one another, because that's the way marriage should be every day. The same holds true for not celebrating Mothers Day and Fathers Day since the Quran teaches us about the importance of openly respecting and loving our parents on a daily basis. Muslims truly only have two celebrations a year, the respective Eids, and in terms of other holidays, we respectfully shy away from celebrating them for these religious reasons. Of course, there's a spectrum with this in that some Muslims may choose to celebrate it. But in the grand scheme, I support the idea that marriage should be bliss and love and respect each and every day, so I don't need one day out of 365 to feel that way"

And then you get an "Awwwwww" and a greater understanding of Islam by the asking person, because they see the religion in a whole new light. Islam teaches us that husband and wife should be a "garment" for one another, loving and protecting (outwardly), so in this case Valentine's Day is moot.

So, as a message to all of my fellow Muslims who are reading this: please stop the hateful reactions when a non-Muslim asks for your take on Valentine's Day.

Remember to calm down, speak without spitting angrily, and spread a little love around while you're at it! ;-)


  1. lol nice way of saying it instead of HARAMAMARMAM :0 and i find it funny how the code i had to write to post this comment was "allone" hahah very relevant to vday!

  2. Although i don't believe in VD consumerism, Valentine's Day is not HARAM, as there were many other days celebrated during the Prophet's time in which he did not object. The Prophet did not go around screaming "haram haram" ... rather, HE taught us what is forbidden from what was revealed to him by Allah Almighty in the Qur'an.

    People (including imams) also seem to confuse the word "biddah" (innovation) and what was implied during the Prophet's time. They are fanatics and forget the Spirit of Islam


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