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The Birds and the Bees

"'s time to have The Talk".

I wonder how many Muslim children have heard this phrase from their parents? My guess is not many. I'm sure you know what I refer to when I say "The Talk". You know...about the birds and the bees. And all those hormones and changes adolescents go through. The uncomfortable, hand-wringing, let's just get this outta the way so I don't have to talk about it again kind of talk.

Which is really unfortunate, since the more parents talk about The Talk, the better it is for their child's future.

Perhaps I should clarify what The Talk really means. If you're feeling squeamish, I should suggest you stop reading this, but you really do need to read on. Our Muslim community depends on it.

My observations have led me to believe that not enough Muslim girls and boys are getting the proper health education they need. And I don't just mean hygiene, nutrition, and physical activity...I mean in relation to puber…

The Day That Shall Not Be Named

It's such a simple question.

Question: "Do Muslims celebrate Valentine's Day?"

Answer: "ASTAKRIFIRRILLAH blah blah blah blah blah HARAM HARAM HARAM blah blah blah blah blah hellfire with eternal fire and burning blah blah blah profanity HARAM etc etc"

See how the question hasn't been answered? Instead, the Muslim answering has turned into the Tazmanian Devil, spinning around like a hurricane maniac, and spitting out various forms of angry responses that makes the questioner even more confused.

With the "Day That Shall Be Named" quickly approaching, I've been seeing more anti-Valentine sentiments burning up my News Feed. Some with a fist squashing a heart, some with the word "haram" emblazoned on a heart, and some outright telling me that I'll go the hellfire if I celebrate it.

Ok, so I know that Muslims don't celebrate Valentine's Day. But the general public may not. So here's a wild idea:

Instead of getting work…

The Islamic YouTube Bombardment

Every day, it seems as though my News Feed mostly consists of religious lectures from YouTube. Some telling me what's haram, how my Emaan is too low, and others preaching to Muslims the importance of not falling into Biddaa (i.e. innovation of practices within Islam) traps.

Am I the only one who finds this Islamic YouTube bombardment somewhat overwhelming?
Perhaps it's because while I am on a quest to improve my Islamic knowledge, I personally think that haphazardly watching suggested videos is not the way to go. It's not structured enough for me, nor is it goal oriented for me. I prefer to prioritize the areas I'd like to improve in and start from there, since it's overwhelming to watch videos on numerous topics.
And honestly, once you dive into these videos, there's no end. One video leads to another which leads to another...which leaves you wanting more. But they don't do much with helping you put your knowledge into action in the real world.