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I was thinking today about last year's winter break. I had just started my holidays, and was probably reminiscing about the year that had just passed. Although I'm somewhat surprised that I didn't write a blog entry, so I thought I'd write one this year. But not really for the purpose of setting resolutions, but rather to reflect. 

It was a fulfilling year in many respects...Alhamdulillah, I am really thankful to Allah for all that was provided to me. I want to acknowledge that nothing of what I fulfilled me this year was because of my efforts and work, but rather blessings.
2011 started off on a rough note. An unexpected loss of a friend, teacher Hanan at Calgary Islamic School, sent shock waves through the school the first morning back from the winter break. I remember the staff being in a trance, myself included, as it took a while to come to terms with the fact that life is unpredictable and those closest to us are not exempt from that. I remember her often and pr…

Single and looking? And looking? And looking?

You know that the term "desperate times call for desperate measures" is in effect when a non-Muslim marriage service representing a Muslim man wanting to get married approaches an Islamic School and asks if it's OK to post up his "single and looking" ad.

I kid you not.

A representative from the website is representing this gentleman. Not knowing how to access a pool of eligible Muslim singles in the community, she then approaches the Islamic school and asks if it would be appropriate to post up his ad around the school. Not bad for someone not from this community, since how else would you access a large group of Muslims? Although not so great of an idea to ask to post up his ad around a school. Why on earth would this be suggested in any school let alone a private religious school?

So then I started wondering about how many channels this brother had to go through in order to get someone out and about for him to find a life partner? It's not like he can jus…

The Potluck Khutbah

Potlucks are awesome. When you're looking to mix up a meal, try new dishes, or divide the work for a large dinner, why not ask everyone to bring a little something? Your plate ends up full with multiple dishes, quite diverse, but it's not like you mix them all up expect the result to taste wonderfully. Instead, you taste each dish individually.

Potlucks are fun and yummy among friends. However, a "Potluck" approach is not effective when writing weekly religious speeches (Khutbas) for the community Friday prayers.

So is it just me, or are Calgary Juma'a Khutbas like a potluck?! The speeches contain a little bit of everything that is attempted to be mixed together into one meal, but it doesn't quite work harmoniously in that manner.

I've been to quite a few Juma'a prayers, hitting different mosques in the city, and I am saddened to say that very few have left an impression on my mind. Most Khutbas tend to revolve around the same topics: fear of Allah, t…

Two Muslims in a Mormon Church

I was curious about the sign on Crowchild Trail close to the University that stated "FREE PARKING. 96 spots left. Inquire Inside". Then I heard a friend talking about how the Church of Latter Day Saints actually allows students to park for free on site, in exchange for their attendance at an hour and a half weekly class.

So I decided to see exactly what the class entailed, since there were non-Mormom (i.e. yes Muslim!) attendees taking advantage of the free parking. So I accompanied my Muslim friend one day recently to their class and wondered if I could be stimulated in a class about a religion I didn't belong to.

Upon entering the building (I was nervous despite being with a fellow Muslim!), I was greeted warmly both by the students there and the pastors (i.e. known as Brother "name"). Upon entering the class, we took a seat where other students were following along in their hymn book.

Brother Young then started his powerpoint with a slide that stated "M…

A Muslim in a Lutheran Church

So my guess of being the only Muslim present on Tuesday evening was wrong.

The Advent Lutheran Church in my neighbourhood was hosting a lecture titled "Christian Responsibility towards Muslims". The first lecture had taken place on November 22nd, which I had missed, so I made a promise I'd attend the one on the 29th. I literally drove by the Church twice a day on my to and from work, so I had no excuse to miss it!

I walked in at 6:50pm to already find around 25 people there. Was I mistaken?! Oh that's right, MST in this context refers to MOUNTAIN Standard Time and not MUSLIM Standard Time! :P I smiled and said hello to a few people and took a seat. I was then approached by two Muslims, ironically enough who are related to a school principal I work with! We exchanged "salaams" and briefly spoke about our work, and the elder gentleman told me he had attended last week's session and had to come to part two. Now I was even more intrigued.

An elderly lady s…