Where's the Cultural Love?!

The town of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan has their act together.

I lived there for 7 years while attending junior high and high school. Granted, we had a small Muslim community of around 50, but we had something that our Calgary Muslim community does not.

Celebration of multiculturalism.

It was only this past weekend, while at Bridges' Unveiling Youth Potential workshop, that I realized that Calgary's Muslim community does not really acknowledge or celebrate the diverse cultures that create our Muslim Mosaic (sorry, I just had to say it one last time...sniff!). Culture is what adds spice to our life, somewhat like mango pickle to your plate of curry! So why are we not using this to bring our community together? (umm...cultural celebrations, not mango pickle)

So back to Prince Albert. Yep, we'd have multiple multicultural events throughout the year. Granted, they revolved around food and fashion and music and heritage and customs...but that's what makes Muslim families so unique, we are all different in how we live in our lives. So why the heck are we not celebrating that?! It seems like the only time cultural discussions come up are during questions asked about what weddings look like! But there's so much more than that!

And just to clarify, what I am not talking about is an Arab vs. Desi type of showdown, or anything similar to that! There's a difference between patriotism and celebrating and teaching others about culture. I'd prefer not to see lanyards with "I LOVE X COUNTRY" being handed out...I'd rather see customs that originate from that culture being showcased and people being given a chance to learn and ask questions. I give credit to the Islamic School for having a "Heritage Day" a while back and for "Muslim Heritage Day" at Olympic Plaza last weekend...but once a year grand scale events held downtown are not the sole answer. We need more events in different communities and mosques around the city.

And here's a WILD idea! Invite non-Muslims to come too, a Muslim multicultural food fair if you will...you'll have people swarming the grounds for more biryani and knowledge!

And what can be better than discussing Islam and culture over a plate of steaming samosas while learning how to bhangra?!

Bring it! :-)


  1. That's SO true. At sait there was a multi cultural food day...total success!

  2. I totally remember the mulit culural fair in PA. Ahh childhood memories ;)

  3. if only arabs didnt think they were better than indians & blacks


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