The Top 10 Haram Things to do on Facebook!

(Note: for those who don't know the meaning of the Arabic term "haram", it is those acts or things which are forbidden by Islam. In the context of this blog, I really wish the following were!!)

So here we go, Letterman style, the Top 10 things to go on Facebook that should be HARAM!

(P.S. My dear Facebook friends! Please don't think I'm referring to you when I write this...many of these are things I've seen or heard happening outside of my immediate Facebook circle!)

10. Treating Facebook like Twitter

I am astounded at how often some people update their statuses, sometimes every few minutes, as if their life is a running commentary that their friends need to know! I think you need to switch to a Twitter account and start tweeting...but don't expect me to be a follower.

9. Downloading friends' pictures

I really dislike the fact that on Facebook you can download any one of your friend's pictures with a couple of clicks. What has the world come to? This is basically the same as going up to your friends and snapping pictures of their mug without asking their permission. I mean, come on, if you wouldn't do something in real life, then why the heck would you do it online?

8. Bragging about one's spirituality and deeds

Islam is a religion where the relationship remains between the believer and Allah. No one else needs to know how much you donated to charity, how many times you have read through the Quran, or how pious you are in comparison to the rest of us! May I suggest a cup of humility?

7. Giving religious advice

There are far too many people pretending that they are experts in Islam and feel the need to dish out the latest religious advice to their friends...when what they are really doing is cutting and pasting from an unknown source. There's a fine line between reminding people of certain things versus telling your friends what they need to do Islamically.

6. Bragging about things your spouse does for you

HAHA this is hilarious! I have seen married women post pictures, updates, notes, etc about every little thing their spouse does for if they need to prove to their world that they are loved. Or perhaps there's a competition to see whose husband buys them the biggest bouquet of flowers. I don't get this...isn't love between a husband and wife supposed to be private? PLEASE no more "Oh Romeo...let me count the ways I love thee!"


Oh my goooosh, like really, I am so totally sick of girls whining about every little thing that afflicts them. UGH it is like so frustrating and like whyyyyy do they like subject their friends to this?! No seriously, it's annoying. While I understand that studying for an exam may be challenging, do you really need to broadcast to the world how much you hate doing it? In the grand scheme of life and other issues people have, you have a cushy life sistah, suck it up! :-)

4. Stating that you're sad or depressed...*sigh*

This is a good one too. Girls posting about how sad or depressed they are, and then evoking enough temporary sympathy from their friends for them to post replies and get attention. If you really are sad or depressed, where did you get the motivation or willpower to post that status update? If you need to talk to someone, call a friend...but don't broadcast it and then reply back "oh it's nothing, just feeling down". Facebook ain't no Psychologist's office people!

3. Creeping your friends' friends with the hopes of finding a spouse

Um, there are better (and more practical!) ways to find a spouse than digging through your friends' friends. Enough said on this topic!

2. Creeping friends' walls

Ok, this is truly annoying! I can't stand it when people comment on posts that someone else has posted when it has nothing to do with them! Talk about creeping, you're just waiting to have a reason to get involved when you have no right to be. I've actually deleted comments that have been made on my wall or deleted posts altogether because people can't seem to mind their own beeswax. Then I've taken the next step of making my wall unwritable on or only allowing myself to see what friends post.


My gosh, this one is ridiculous and really makes me wonder how old some girls are...back to being a teenager maybe?! It's horrible how many females take their girlfriend issues online, to the point of their status updates being used to target others. Talk about relational aggression online, this is a prime example! As the Quran states, backbiting and gossiping is like eating the flesh of a fellow Muslim. Girls should keep this in mind the next time they feel an urge to get nasty.


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