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Debut: TLC's "All-American Muslim"

So I'm sure that some of us tuned into TLC's "All American Muslim" debut this evening. After watching the trailer, I wasn't sure if I'd watch it or not, but my curiosity got the best of me and I caved in!!

The premise of the show is documenting (very!) different Arab Muslim lives in the city of Dearborn, Michigan, the most concentrated city of Arabs outside of the Middle East. There's a spectrum of Muslim families in the city, ranging from visibly-Muslim to not at all (i.e. women wearing the hijab, men in traditional clothing), to those who prefer to keep their spirituality within and not advertised on the outside. So in comparison to the rest of the Muslim Ummah in the States and Canada, it does reflect the mosaic of Muslims that exists, so I give kudos to that.

At the same time, the show documents only ONE culture within Islam: Lebanese Arabs. It is very evident that these families are quite well off: BMW X6s zoom by the screen, perfectly botox-ed faces…

The Top 10 Haram Things to do on Facebook!

(Note: for those who don't know the meaning of the Arabic term "haram", it is those acts or things which are forbidden by Islam. In the context of this blog, I really wish the following were!!)

So here we go, Letterman style, the Top 10 things to go on Facebook that should be HARAM!

(P.S. My dear Facebook friends! Please don't think I'm referring to you when I write this...many of these are things I've seen or heard happening outside of my immediate Facebook circle!)

10. Treating Facebook like Twitter

I am astounded at how often some people update their statuses, sometimes every few minutes, as if their life is a running commentary that their friends need to know! I think you need to switch to a Twitter account and start tweeting...but don't expect me to be a follower.

9. Downloading friends' pictures

I really dislike the fact that on Facebook you can download any one of your friend's pictures with a couple of clicks. What has the world come to? …

Where's the Cultural Love?!

The town of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan has their act together.

I lived there for 7 years while attending junior high and high school. Granted, we had a small Muslim community of around 50, but we had something that our Calgary Muslim community does not.

Celebration of multiculturalism.

It was only this past weekend, while at Bridges' Unveiling Youth Potential workshop, that I realized that Calgary's Muslim community does not really acknowledge or celebrate the diverse cultures that create our Muslim Mosaic (sorry, I just had to say it one last time...sniff!). Culture is what adds spice to our life, somewhat like mango pickle to your plate of curry! So why are we not using this to bring our community together? (umm...cultural celebrations, not mango pickle)

So back to Prince Albert. Yep, we'd have multiple multicultural events throughout the year. Granted, they revolved around food and fashion and music and heritage and customs...but that's what makes Muslim families …