Mosquers and Mosaics

If you had told us a year ago that we were going to create a film for a Muslim video contest and make it into the finals, we would not have believed you. In fact, you may have gotten an 'astakfirillah' for playin' with us!!

Yet we did. And for that, we are thankful.

The Mosquers Awards show was held last night in Edmonton. We had a convoy drive up from Calgary for a day trip, not only for our video, but for another amazing drama (and winner!!) "The Table", which captivated the audience! Never the less, the hype leading up to the event was quite high!

We decided quite late in August to start filming the video, and with a deadline of September 13th, it left little room for editing. My brother, who had never edited before, took on the task and blew us away with is skills. The final product was breathtaking to us, all constructed from a few recorded clips, our message seemed clear and strong. We were more than proud of the final product, and despite joking about writing our acceptance speech, we remained in the "hope for the best but expect the worse" frame of mind.

Don't get us wrong, we thankfully received really good feedback about our video from those who viewed it. We knew from the start that we wanted to create a positive video about a topic that hasn't been done before. The message we wanted to send was sent, but perhaps it was meaningful to us and not the greater audience or obviously the judges as well. It just wasn't meant to be :)

Yet honestly, while winning would have been sweet (!!), we are very happy and proud that as first time film makers we made it into the finals. The fact that we translated thoughts into clips, and that into a movie, is something we should be thankful and proud of. Although in all honestly, it was weird to have people stare and ask in the bathroom if we were in the Muslim Mosaic video. How do celebrities do it?!

So we encourage others to push themselves beyond what they think they can do. If you have a vision,  go for it! And don't be afraid to live a little! Sure, we were crazy to drive up to Edmonton at 3pm only to return back to Calgary at 3am, but how often do you get chances like this?! Not to mention having a car full of free entertainment such as fudge, an Arabic speaking GPS combined prayer clock, and one-liners courtesy of my bro that would make you whizz your pants within seconds!

And THAT my friends, is priceless...the rest was charged on Mastercard or Visa :)


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