R'11 Day Two: The Shaaytan wears Lululemon

(As a note, 'Shaaytan' is the Arabic word for devil, and us Muslims have a beef with him!!)

As human beings, we all have our weaknesses, and Ramadan is a time Muslims try harder to keep them at bay. For some, food itself is a weakness, others have bad habits, and for me...well...it's the whispers of Lululemon that I have to keep behind locked doors!

You see, Shaytaan is pretty smart and deceiving. Muslims believe he's everywhere and that he does everything and anything to distract us from staying on the right path. He whispers when we're trying to pray and all of a sudden my grocery list pops back into my head, causing us to lose count of which part of the prayer I was on...and even if I was prepared to properly pray, which 1 minute ago, I knew I was! Oh, and there's the temptations of worldly affairs which tries to take us off the right path...it's ok if you don't TOTALLY lower your gaze, feel free to OOGLE a little more! Go ahead and buy that bag, you don't have one in that colour anyway!! Sleep just five more minutes in your warm and comfy bed, you'll still be able to wake up for morning prayer.

So in reality, I'm using Lululemon as a funny example, because while I do love their stuff, I'm kidding about feeling THAT tempted to run out and buy another pair of anything! But just so you get a sense of the internal argument and torment that Shaaytaan causes, here goes!

Hmmm, Sameera, you don't seem very comfortable during Taraweeh (night) prayers, all that bending and rising and sitting. Are you sure those jeans are comfortable?

Umm, my jeans are ok, but they can get a little stiff sometimes and not totally comfortable. I can always throw on a pair of cargo pants or a skirt, no big deal.

Why I suppose you could, but wouldn't you rather have the comfort and 4-way stretch of Luon supporting your graceful prayer movements?!

Umm, really?! Well, the 4-way stretch and anti-stink silverescent fibers would help keep me limber AND stink free, I could throw on a pair I have tomorrow night, great idea Shaytaan, thanks!

Why, you COULD wear a pair you already have, but wouldn't you rather attend Taraweeh prayers in NEVER BEFORE WORN LUON?! Imagine the crispness and fresh luon smell, take a sniff...ahhhhhh.

Umm, why would I buy a new pair of Lulu pants when I have ones I can wear?!

Come come now, it's been a while since you bought a new pair and you deserve it, after all, you're fasting long hours, you may as well treat yourself.

I suppose I could, they do have this new kind of pant called the 'Cool Down Pant' and they're soft and comfy and shiny...NO!!! I promised myself I wouldn't do ANY clothing shopping of any kind during Ramadan! BE OFF WITH YOU!

Nooo, you need them as much as you need me! You're weak and resistance is futile...even your browser history has their website and you receive their update emails. WEAK WEAK WEAK!!

That was from before Ramadan, and I'm strong enough to resist the call of the online shopping cart! Now, OFF WITH YOU before I ram that cart over you!

Noooooo, I'll be back!!

Ok, so yes this is a corny and extreme example, but literally, the whole point of the devil is to make us go against ourselves. We question what we know and have come to believe, we start pondering alternate choices that weren't there before, and we have to fight harder to remain strong and resist those temptations.

Lucky for us, it is said that during Ramadan, the gates of hell are closed and the devil is at bay, and for this month, we can truly focus on becoming closer to Allah with enhanced spirituality. Fasting against food and water is said to be the primary means of controlling other vices, including sexual and other guttural urges, AND even that of wasting money away. In fact, those who are unable to marry due to financial or life constraints are recommended to fast as a means to keep away any temptations that may arise.

So as you can see, fasting against food and water is just one small part of Ramadan, and compared to keeping Shaaytan away, is a piece of cake.

Ahem, metaphorically speaking, that is.



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