R'11 Day Twenty-Seven: The "Cop Out" Entry

When I wrote my first entry back on Day 1, I promised myself I would NOT write a detailed time log for any day during Ramadan. Well, ahem, I am going to redact that statement because I didn’t realize (a) how zombie like I would actually feel after sacrificing sleep for early morning prayers (Qiyam); and (b) how challenging it would be to think of different topics EVERY day, and since I haven’t repeated any thus far, I’m giving myself a pat on the hijab and allowing this entry’s quality to somewhat slide down the drain. So head’s up!

8:35pm: Broke fast, prayed evening prayer, ate dinner and cleaned up

10:00pm: Departed for NW Musallah for Isha (night) and Taraweeh (special Ramadan prayers)

12:00am: Arrived home later than usual thanks for Taraweeh Intermission Fundraising after 4 rakats. Decided to take a short nap.

1:30am: Woke up, tried to fix Zombie face yet to no avail, and got ready to leave house. Put on scarf in the weirdest, most not ‘stay-put’ way I ever have, thanks to giving up use of under-layer bandana to prevent overheating during prayers.

1:45am: Departed for NW Musallah

2:00am: Program started at NW Musallah. When prayers started, so did severe swaying from my end. It was much harder to focus as the prayer went on, thank God for the brief intermissions and Timbit I nabbed from the snack table! I really was worried about the possibility of sister dominoes!

4:10am: Prayers complete, could have stayed in the mosque for Suhoor (pre-dawn meal), but I knew my stomach would hate me afterwards since it’s as sensitive as a baby’s rear end, so I ended up heading home and having my usual meal.

5:30am: MUST…BLOG…BEFORE…SLEEPING! Ahhh my internet connection wasn’t working and had the status of “connection timeout” (geez, I can relate to that). I ended up typing half of entry on a Word document and then…

6:00am: Passed out like a rock until…

9:35am: Back to completing this entry using an unprotected internet connection (oh come now, I MUST publish this entry ASAP!).

Ahem, and there you have it! Now that you're all enthralled and have had your daily Muslim Sistah dose, you can FINALLY start your day. Oh my goodness, Astakfirillah! :P


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