R'11 Day Thirteen: The "Hijab-Head" Paradox

(Note: Dedicated to last night and the awesome time we had together sisTAHS, with such a gracious host Shekoufeh!)

There's a common problem that most hijabis face, and that is HOW to get to an all-women's gathering, after coiffing one's hair, without looking like you didn't even bother to do your hair! Because you see, we still have to get from Point A (home) to Point B (event destination) in hijab, in public, and you don't want to risk being seen so you still NEED to cover up. And while Harry Potter's invisibility cloak would be optimal, there (a) aren't many to go around; and (b) it's NON EXISTENT! I've gone to a few hijabless parties now, and have tried a few different methods to ensure that I don't fall flat (haha, get it?! Flat hair? Maybe not...). So let's get the show on the road (literally and metaphorically!):

1. The "I'll sit in the back seat with the tinted windows and you drive" Chauffeur Method

Last year, for the women's Eid banquet, it was my first time showing up to such an event for women only, and to be honest, I did not want to drive. I was NOT about to show up all decked out only to have my hair stuck flat to my head like a pancake. So my mom and I requested that my dad drive us there while we hunched in the back with our scarves draped loosely over our heads. I even wore my largest pair of dark sunglasses AND I considered wearing a fake moustache too. Luckily, that wasn't needed and the drop-off was successful, except when we had to de-car and I snuck around it like a police officer waiting to pounce on its victim. But it was all good! So this method works really well!

2. The "Muslim Spy" Look

So while the drop-off tactic is ok in some situations, it really isn't in others, especially with respect to late nights and driving distance and having flexibility of when you can leave an event. So I've had to become self-sufficient in driving while maintaining the integrity of the DO! So I use the method of using a very black and very wide hijab, and draping it loosely on my head and covering most of my face, then adding a pair of huge sunglasses, and I'm good to go! However, since the scarf is loosely draped and not pinned, it does pose to be somewhat of a driving hazard in that each time I shoulder check, I have to push the corner out of my peripheral vision field so I can see! True, I look like a freak and I've had drivers do a double take, but this method works pretty well so in the grand scheme of things, it's worth it!

3. The "Air Hijab"

NOW THIS is the wave of the future! Imagine owning the 'Air Hijab', which consists of two layers that inflates. Soooo, it would still cover your hair without having the weight of the scarf pressing down on your precious locks! And the best thing is that when you arrive at your destination, it deflates instantly and folks into a small pocket-size square that can be easily stored in even the smallest of evening clutches! GENIUS!! And I know you're probably wondering how it inflates! Well, there's a mouthpiece that comes DOWN from the hijab, just as with inflatable floatation devices on airplanes, so you inflate it to the desired umm...buoyancy?! PLUS it comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns to ensure that the air hijab matches whatever colour abaya or jacket you're wearing. INGENIOUS no?! ;)

Ok, so while I wrote this entry in complete jest, there is an underlying message (I think...even though it's 6am and I'm sleep deprived!). Every girl needs the chance to spoil themselves in the presence of girlfriends (and other halal/mahram people too!). With the day-in and day-out grind of life, it provides a chance to focus on oneself and realize that hijab is only one side of who you are. And for those of us who may have started wearing hijab recently, all girl get togethers provide a chance to just be yourself without worrying about all the coverings we need to undertake in public.

OHHHHH and if teleportation is ever invented (aka Star Trek), that would be the OPTIMAL way to travel. Beam me up...umm...sister?! :)


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