R'11 Day Ten: Reminders

I slipped up yesterday...literally. I was heading down to the basement to grab something before heading out for a bike ride, and the instant I stepped down onto the first step of the staircase, I slipped, and fell feet first three-quarters of the way down the staircase. My back hit the staircase a few times, quite hard, and the feeling of falling with loss of control was quite scary. I've never heard my mom scream like that, she probably half-expected to find me laying at the bottom in an awkward and anatomically impossible way. I was shaken up and slightly sore, but Alhamdulillah, well enough to endure an hour and a half long bike ride afterwards (in hindsight, not the smartest idea!). Upon waking up this morning, I was dreading post-fall soreness, but thankfully, I feel fine. I suppose it's never too late for anything, that was the first time I had fallen down stairs at the age of 29. Definitely blog worthy ;-)

The first thing I thought of after I had dusted myself off was 'what was running through my head right before I fell?' Was it something that distracted me, or did I trip and fall as a reminder of how fragile life is, and how in one instant, my life could have changed (or ended actually)? And I'm not being melodramatic about it, we've all seen Oprah episodes with guests depicting the exact moment in their life when a split second changed everything.

I've received other reminders here and there, as if God is saying "smarten up!" whenever I slip up in thought or action. For example, I remember admiring how sleek and HOT my car looked when it was washed and shiny (note: I love my car and if I could hug it, I would, because it's a trusty and non-judgemental companion and drives with a combination of strength and finesse!), compared to the muck that had caked on it for a couple of weeks. I was pulling into my garage, something I've done a million times, and I pulled in too close to the side of the garage. The plastic rim of the garage rubbed right up again the side of car close to the passenger side tire, taking some paint off and damaging the garage at the same time. I got out of my car and ran to the other side to examine the damage, and yes, my poor Rav4 now had a scar.  I remember thinking to myself I should have perhaps been more thankful about even owning a car instead of admiring how hot it looked when it was clean, and perhaps that incident was another reminder of the fact that material objects are solely that, and not worthy of admiration but rather worthy of thankfulness.

I've also heard friends talk about this same notion of being 'reminded' when they needed to be. And some may interpret it as being distracted and therefore clumsy, etc, but I know for me personally, when I think back to what I was thinking in the moment, it was definitely a reminder! Like a swift kick in the rear!

And another aspect of this really rings true with me...that if something is too good to be true, it often is. I've come across this notion many times, to a point now that when I do come across a situation that even slightly resembles being too good, I proceed with extreme caution. Not to say that I am distrustful or jaded, not in the least! I've just learned from experience that there will always be tests along the way, and you just never know if this is one of them.

So whether you fall down a flight of stairs, scrape up your shiny car, or after admiring the new and trendy outfit you are wearing spill coffee on first thing in the morning, I truly believe that reminders happen for a reason. And we know from the Quran that Allah tests those he loves, as a means to make us spiritually stronger.

Hey, in that case...bring it on!! Umm, but maybe not immediately since the staircase fiasco was a harsh enough reminder and will most likely last quite a while longer!


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