R'11 Day Sixteen: In Numbers

When Muslims refer to Ramadan, the description of 'thirty days of fasting from dusk to dawn' is often given. But recently, I started to think of what the holy month entails in terms of all the aspects that a Muslim participates in. Below is a breakdown of what we actually complete during those 30 days:

30 days of the month of Ramadan:

  • 720 hours of Shaytaan (devil) being locked up and the gates of Jannah (heaven) being opened
  • 510 hours (approximately) spent in a fasting state from dusk to dawn
  • 510 rakats of the five daily obligatory prayers
  • 240 to 600 rakats of Taraweeh, depending on whether you pray 8 or 20 rakats each night!
  • 60 meals consumed (suhoor and iftar, I ain't counting those midnight snacks, people!!)
  • 4 Jumaa (Friday) prayers often reminding us that Shaytaan continues to be locked up for the remaining 'X' days of Ramadan and how we need to take advantage of that!
  • 2.5% Zakat (charity/alms) given by each Muslim to someone in need prior to Eid (hey, that rhymes!)
  • 1 spiritual month in which our worship and remembrance of Allah MUST COME FIRST! InshaAllah! :)

SubhanAllah, we are more than halfway through Ramadan, and while this may elicit some sighs of relief from fasters (is that even a noun?!), I personally miss fasting. There are not many times in which the Ummah in this city are unified. Eid al-Adha (following Hajj/pilgrimage) is another occasion, and while Juma'a (Friday) prayers does unite us temporarily, we're all in a rush to get back to work and our daily lives. Masjids are rarely packed to the same extent as they are during Ramadan, and do we really invite friends over that much outside of Ramadan? So for these unifying reasons, I will miss Ramadan greatly.

So let's seize the remaining couple of weeks by the neck (!!), despite how tired, de-energized and zombie-like we are!! Let's check in with ourselves to see if we are being as spiritual and gung-ho about the experience as we were from Day 1! For me personally, I'm going back to the goals I set at the start and ensuring that I am investing my time into those endeavours rather than other areas. I'm re-checking my intentions before I set out to do anything, and I am trying to increase my remembrance of Allah as much as I can. My goal is to ensure that this Ramadan is more fruitful than the one before, and while I may not be the one to be able to gauge that, InshaAllah I pray that my intentions and actions are well received. And InshaAllah that yours will be too.



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