R'11 Day Seventeen: Isha IMs and Taraweeh Texts

"...As-Salaamu Alaikum Waramatullah"

Tap tap tap tap tap tap smiley tap tap tap tap smiley heart tap tap tap

OMG lol r u serious? tap tap tap tap tap send tap tap send tap tap tap tap tap

Heart heart smiley wink wink Iftar tap tap dinner like heart flower unicorn rainbow giggle giggle


You're probably wondering what the heck that was about!! But I'm sure some of you have a sense of what the above is about. I'll give you a hint:

Cell Phones + 10 second breaks during Isha and Taraweeh = SISTERS TEXT MESSAGING THEIR FRIENDS SITTING TWO ROWS BEHIND THEM!!!

I kid you not.

As Ramadan has progressed, I've noticed an alarming young sister social trend booming at the NW Musallah. And I don't just mean the standard salaams, hugs, smiles shared among friends PRIOR to prayer starting, which I admit to being involved in. I mean the constant IM and text messaging that occurs during prayer, the looks back at friends, and the giggles...and discussions about what they're craving to eat while fasting...where they bought an incredibly "too sparkly for its own good" hijab...or what's for Iftar the next day. I mean, really?! Is this what taraweeh has been reduced to?

I completely understand using a cell phone when it is necessary, such as a sister texting her husband back home to ensure that their child has fallen asleep. Or, she's texting her husband next door in the men's section to remind him to keep their son close by so he doesn't cause a racket! But the use of cell phones I'm talking about goes into the unnecessary and borderline haram, especially since there literally is less than 10 seconds between taraweeh prayers. How are these girls managing to text and have a conversation in that short of an amount of time?!

And then once the eight rakats of Taraweeh are over, there's another trend called 'Musallah Entrance Cherry Picking". Girls just can't seem to clear OUT OF THE WAY for those of us actually trying to exit!! The girls continue their "hearts unicorn giggle flowers sparkly hijabs" conversations clustered right outside the main entrance, and you dare ask them if they could step to the side! It's ridiculous, and the funny thing is that I don't know where the mothers of these girls are. I dare text message someone even before Isha prayer at the mosque, and my mom will have my hijabed head on a platter! I don't even BRING my cell phone to prayers anyway, what's the point? It only tempts you to text message or go onto Facebook. Bad, bad...and bad!

This alarming trend further confirms the need for some sort of Mosque and Musallah patrol, one in which text messages are deemed HARAM and strict consequences are reinforced!! Such as the accused sister having to send a text message to ALL of her friends with the statement "I was caught text messaging by the Mosque Patrol, and I vouch to never text message again during taraweeh prayers!". Corporal punishment, baby! (And Zenab, I do like the idea of sashes we could wear around our abayas!!).

As we have entered into the second half of Ramadan and time seems to be flying by as always, it is quite important that we stop and remind ourselves mindfully of the true essence of Ramadan. Self-control is more than retraining one-self from food and water during fasting hours; it is also with regards to intentions and behaviour throughout the ENTIRE month. And if girls are too busy tapping away about how much they 'heart' certain things, I think they are missing out on a very limited spiritual opportunity.

So practically speaking, perhaps a new text message acronym should be created for such an occasion:

PMHO: Praying My Heart Out


  1. "such as a sister texting her husband back home to ensure that their child has fallen asleep." hehe that's me! :)


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