R'11 Day Eight: Signs of "Sawm"

So here we go, Letterman style: The top 10 ways a non-Muslim knows that it's Ramadan!

10. Certain key locations of Tim Hortons have decreased in daily revenue since August 1st...and more importantly, the lines are shorter.

9. You hear earthquake-like rumbles coming from people's stomachs at awkward times of the day.

8. There are a greater number of 'zombie-like' people out and about with gaunt faces, dark circles under their eyes, and a vacant expression.

7. You're constantly being asked by certain coworkers to lick envelopes and stamps for them.

6. There seems to be a shortage of fresh dates at your local grocery store.

5. Your Muslim neighbour's house lights go on before 4:00am in the morning, and you see them leaving and coming back at much later times at night than usual.

4. Speaking of your Muslim neighbour, what's with all the dinner parties between 8:30pm and 9:30pm at night?!

3. Back to the grocery store, some people's shopping carts are filled with solely guilty pleasure food items...and more dates.

2. The Muslim friend you've been on a diet pact with is losing weight much faster than you are, and you always thought that she would cave in first.

1. Your Muslim neighbour is spending an inordinate amount of time on their roof with a telescope, taking meticulous notes about the position of the moon.

I'd love to hear if you have any more ideas around this, please post a comment below!! :)


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