"Sweat Once a Day"

If you know me really well, you'll know that I love all things created by Lululemon. Really, they are a taller-than-average-and-very-active girl's dream, and also, a Muslim girl's dream!! Who else creates lightweight, sweat-wicking, and COOL TO WEAR dance pants that work great for biking and hiking too without sticking to your legs?! How about extra-long tanks for layering that won't ride up with activity?! Yah, you got it!

I've thought about other pieces of clothing that us Muslims gals would need if only Lululemon could create them with their amazing Luon material and anti-stink silverescent fibers. Since a co-worker/friend of mine (you know who you are!!) recently told me that he's stealing one of these ideas that I recently posted as my Facebook status, I'm officially TRADEMARKING (TM) the following if they ever do come to fruition at your local Lululemon store! Here goes:

1. The "Going Nowhere" sport hijab (with Lulu's best grip close to the seam to ensure that it stays put through all of your vigorous sporting needs)

2. The "Don't Sweat It" burqa (ok, really, this would be perfect for summers in Saudi!)

3. The "Be Still" long A-line skirt (imagine running after your kids while wearing this puppy, you'll be a picture of athletic and parental grace under pressure!)

4. The "Wunder Under" long-sleeved fitted tunic (perfect to layer in the winter under shorter sweaters and tops!)

5. "Groove" harem pants (an ode to my adopted motherland of Morocco, because I'd wear them when I'm there!!)

6. "Can't See Me Now!" arm sleeves, reversible of course!! (oh yes, and made with Luon light and not regular Luon material, although there is debate that the light version is more transparent, gasp!)

These ideas are just a starting point!! But don't worry, I'm really not that crazy enough to propose these to Lulu's head office in Vancouver...or am I?! ;)


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