I really don't have one specific topic for this entry, so I titled it "musings" only to make it sound more artistic and meaningful than "ramblings" ;-) Enjoy!!

1. Passport Picture Petrification
So...I was lucky enough to get my passport picture taken a few days ago at Wal-Mart. I sat down on the chair and had the perfect look on my face, to match my slightly glittery and very-summerish hijab, in an attempt to look as non-threatening as possible for my mug shot. The lady then proceeds to tell me "can you push your scarf back, your entire eyebrows have to show in the picture". Say whaaaaaaaat?! As I tried to contain my laughter and incredulous-ness, I bit down on my tongue, therefore elongating my face and causing me to furrow my eyebrows into a snare-like look.

I look like a mean Muslim Sistah about to pounce in my picture. All I need is the caption 'Allahuakbar' above my picture and I'll be screened at every airport. So much for my slightly glittery and very-summery hijab.

Back to the eyebrow shenanigans! Since when does the Canadian government require that the outer 3 peripheral hairs of each eyebrow must show?! What about women who sport bangs?! If identity theft is an issue, I sure hope my imposter has the hijab thing straight and doesn't worry about their peripheral eyebrow hairs!

2. "Big Brother"?!
I occasionally wonder why Muslims don't jump onto the reality-show bandwagon. While shows emulating "American Idol" may sound haram, what about "So You Think You Can Recite?" or "Muslims Got Talent!". Other options may include "So You Think You're Smarter Than a Sheikh?"or "The Next Al-Jazeera Network Star"!!!

3. Motherland Marriages
In a previous blog entry, I wrote about many Muslim men going back to their motherland to find a wife. But I didn't write about my theory of 'why?' I believe that some men want a more traditional and old-school way of life, one in which they are in control and their wife takes on solely household related duties. Which may work for some women, but not for those who need more than that. Also, I have heard that some men believe that women in the West are (a) are corrupted and sinful (which is stereotypical and a hypocrisy, by the way); (b) too assertive and independent (God forbid!); and (c) are too career focused and would have a hard time making the transition to motherhood. Again, all stereotypes with no basis for generalization.

I believe the opposite, in that young Muslim women are finally making great strides in the community and in their workforces. While newer Muslim communities are predominately run by men, we are seeing a greater number of women take social concerns head on, and become more independent with these endeavours. Woman no longer solely take direction from men, but are the ones actually handing them out. Many women already know their potential or are starting to see what they are capable of.

We can all learn from Khadijah (peace and blessings upon her) in terms of women needing to be strong, smart, savvy and resourceful. Women are not below men in any way, we are their equals. And if women are making these sort of strides in their work and volunteer endeavours, how can you ignore the wealth of knowledge and experiences they will have to teach their children?

4. Muslims-Book?
I often wonder (in a very silly way) what an Islamic version of Facebook may look like. Now I don't mean a gender segregated Facebook where brothers are not allowed to add sisters, and vice versa. But let's dissect the 'relationship' status conundrum a little further. The standard Facebook options don't fully apply to Muslims (please define "In a relationship" or "In an open relationship" Islamically?!), so we need something more in tune with how we do it. But since the whole process does involve multiple steps irregardless of what culture(s) you're from, I think we should be able to choose your relationship status from the following:

a. Single and Inshallah
b. Parents and aunties and entire community is looking...and looking...and looking
c. Exploring matrimonial
d. Families are talking...and might I add, "MashaAllah!"
e. Agreed to Nikah
f. Preparing for Nikah
g. We're halal!

In addition to the 'Like' button, we should have 'halal' and 'haram' buttons. 'Poke' buttons should only appear for same-gendered friends. There should be an optional 'lower you gaze' comment to add to photo album descriptions to give the opposite gender a head's up (no pun intended) NOT to gawk. And an 'express interest' button should appear on opposite genders' profiles so that the brother you've been creeping on your friend's profile can finally know that you're interested in him. 

Doesn't this type of social networking sound SO much more fun?! I'm kidding :)

Ramadan Mubarak everyone...catch you soon!


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