The 'Who are you?!' Conundrum

All-sistah hijabless parties provide us with a problem. We sometimes don't recognize even our closest friends! I personally think that there are some creative ways to solve this problem, so let's see if we can find any that are 'implementable' at the next gathering!!

1. The Name Tag solution

This is pretty self explanatory, but also pretty cheesy. This ain't a conference, yo! And those 'Hello! My name is' tags would ruin our outfits. So scratch this idea out!!

2. The '1, 2, 3' Reveal

What if sistahs were NOT allowed to de-hijab until everyone on the guest list arrives! That way, you see the pre- and post- and know beyond a doubt who everyone is! But then again, for those whose hair style depends on de-hijabing right after they arrive at the party, it's no fun to spend the evening with a flat head of hair :( So this won't work either!

3. The Voice Recognition Hypothesis

One thing that DOESN'T change at all-sistah parties is our voices!!!! So perhaps we could spend the initial moments of the evening playing a 'match the voice to the sistah' game to ensure that we know who is all there! Or maybe not :(

4. The 'Can you put your hijab on again so I can figure out who you are?' Approach! I spent an hour coiffing my hair, I can't re-coiff it after hijabing up again!

5. The 'Look into my eyes' Strategy

Now, I do know that 'lower your gaze' is meant for between the genders, but umm...sistah, you are making me a tad bit uncomfortable!!

6. The 'OMG you look so different, I don't even know who you are!!' Line

Ouch...prepare to be unfriended on Facebook!! :P

Ok, so it's pretty evident that if de-hijabed sistah recognition is not a strength of yours, there is no clear cut solution! You could try using your powers of visual perception to imagine what the sistah WOULD look like with hijab! Or just be brutally honest with her, that's the way to go!!

The ultimate solution?! We need more sistah get togethers to garner our skills of acuity! After all, practice makes perfect! :P


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