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"It's All in Your Head!"

For some reason, the word 'mental health' scares people. For the same or other reasons, this term also scares many Muslims. There's a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, and I wonder what images are conjured up in people's minds when they hear this phrase? The truth is, we're all at risk to develop some type of mental health concern over the course of our life time. And the more we understand what mental health is, the better we will be able to deal with it.

The World Health Organization has an amazing definition of mental health, I've read it multiple times in textbooks and publications, and it's stuck!

"A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease"

The truth is, mental health is engrained in everything that we do. The activities we participate in, be it self-care, productivity, leisure, all in some shape or form contribute to our mental health. In its essence, mental health is functional and…

To Click or Not to Click?

It seems that the new trend for Muslim "matrimonialism" is to use online services. Everything from "Half our Deen" to "Muslim Harmony" to "Shaadi", the net is the way many single Muslims are going. I'll admit to having dabbled in said trend, and having learned a few lessons along the way, I'd like to share what you may nor may not know about "courting"?!

Lesson 1: IT TAKES ENERGY!!!!
I cannot emphasize this enough, using online matrimonial services takes ENERGY! Everything from checking your email, screening out eager communicators, reading profiles, answering emails (i.e. how to decline in a polite way), and then if both parties agree to communicate, telling the same biographical story about yourself, what you're looking for, etc etc etc. And then all the ways sites have devised for a person to say they want to communicate with you: from the halal "has shown interest" and "would like to…

The Secret Life of the Muslim Sistah

Did the title catch your attention? Good! Please keep reading, I really think that this entry is the one closest to my heart.

So here goes: I don't think that we (as a community) are doing enough for our girls. I don't think we are giving them the tools they need to be resilient and successful Muslim-Canadian citizens. I don't think we give enough attention to everything that girls have to face these days. I think we tread dangerous waters when we treat Islam as a shield and don't recognize that we need to SUPPLEMENT Islamic education with mental and physical health promotion and prevention. And our girls are for the most part not getting that type of balanced education.

We don't want our girls living a secret life. We need to reach them now.

The community as a whole is not recognizing that the ages of 5 to 10 are critical for educating girls. If you think that girl relational aggression (i.e. as in 'Mean Girls') issues start in junior high, think again, we…

The 'Who are you?!' Conundrum

All-sistah hijabless parties provide us with a problem. We sometimes don't recognize even our closest friends! I personally think that there are some creative ways to solve this problem, so let's see if we can find any that are 'implementable' at the next gathering!!

1. The Name Tag solution

This is pretty self explanatory, but also pretty cheesy. This ain't a conference, yo! And those 'Hello! My name is' tags would ruin our outfits. So scratch this idea out!!

2. The '1, 2, 3' Reveal

What if sistahs were NOT allowed to de-hijab until everyone on the guest list arrives! That way, you see the pre- and post- and know beyond a doubt who everyone is! But then again, for those whose hair style depends on de-hijabing right after they arrive at the party, it's no fun to spend the evening with a flat head of hair :( So this won't work either!

3. The Voice Recognition Hypothesis

One thing that DOESN'T change at all-sistah parties is our voices!!!!…