To those on the journey towards hijab...

...I know you can do it. Different sisters go through different experiences, thoughts, and timeframes, as well as methods to get there. I personally think that it's important that you choose a path that feels and fits right for you.

I remember what my experience was like, and wanted to share some thoughts that may or may not useful! (I repeat, these are thoughts based on experiences, and not facts! Also, people have differing views from a religious perspective, so I ain't going there!!)

  • I started with a gradual approach to hijab, from wearing it 75% of the time and off 25% of the time until I could reconcile that I was sure that I wanted to go for it 100%. I admire those girls who went 100% right away!
  • I had many negative thoughts...people are staring, friends think I'm crazy, I'm ugly now, etc etc! If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to re-frame those negative thoughts into positive ones. Such as: people and friends are just curious, maybe people want to know how I balance Islam and my professional life, etc. Re-frame, re-frame, re-frame!
  • Don't be hard on yourself, and do what feels right. Some sisters give up make-up or decide to wear more modest clothing. Don't force yourself to do something because others are doing it, I would recommend doing it because you want to. Hence why I still wear make-up. I reconcile this by my view that Islam is about intentions... this is my opinion and where I'm at! :) Maybe someday I'll be strong enough to walk around with a naked face!
  • Take the time to still 'purdy' yourself up!! You deserve this and hence why I LOVE all-girls get togethers!!
  • I found that blogging helped me through the process, and perhaps finding a way to let your thoughts and emotions out will help too :)
  • Talk to your friends and find support in those who have been through/are going through what are you too :) You are never alone! Both with friends and with Allah!
  • Last but not can never have too many hijabs! ;)
I'm here if you ever need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to hear your thoughts!


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