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To those on the journey towards hijab...

...I know you can do it. Different sisters go through different experiences, thoughts, and timeframes, as well as methods to get there. I personally think that it's important that you choose a path that feels and fits right for you.

I remember what my experience was like, and wanted to share some thoughts that may or may not useful! (I repeat, these are thoughts based on experiences, and not facts! Also, people have differing views from a religious perspective, so I ain't going there!!)

I started with a gradual approach to hijab, from wearing it 75% of the time and off 25% of the time until I could reconcile that I was sure that I wanted to go for it 100%. I admire those girls who went 100% right away!I had many negative thoughts...people are staring, friends think I'm crazy, I'm ugly now, etc etc! If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to re-frame those negative thoughts into positive ones. Such as: people and friends are just curious, maybe people want to kno…


It's VERY easy to get lost in our routine, mundane, get-up-and-do-it-all-over-again lives. When the work week starts, I sometimes feel like I'm in "drive" mode the whole time and have no time to turn off my engine. It is not a good feeling.

But there was one thing this week that granted me the opportunity to shift my perspective a little. It was yesterday when one of my junior high schools held their annual 'Career Day' event. I was one of the 18 professionals asked (i.e. cajoled!!) to present about my career to interested students, explaining how and why I chose my career, how I got there, and future prospectives. I added my trip to Morocco into my Powerpoint, and explained how international work is one of the many options OTs have. There were a few pictures I added too, and I found that the more I spoke about my experiences there, the more relaxed I started to feel. And yes, that part of the presentation was the part I was the most passionate about! I came …


It's been almost a month since my last post, I just haven't really had any strong feelings towards blogging about anything!! I've been asking myself 'why?' and apart from the hectic-ness of life and work, I realize that I've been transitioning to a new stage in life.

My entries over the past year have focused on my own journey to hijab-ness and heightened awareness of my spirituality, and I really felt a need to try and make sense of what was happening around me. Blogging helped me do that! But traveling to Morocco and spending two weeks there made me realize that I no longer need to try and find my place in this world. Morocco helped me realize that I have consolidated who I am, what I want out of life, and that if I put my mind to anything, I can achieve it, Inshallah. All that blogging and soul searching over the past year really made a difference, and I'm now ready to move on from that part of my life to the next.

Deciding to go and volunteer in a foreig…