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The Moroccan Mafia Fiasco

If there's one skill you need to survive in Morocco, it's how to ride a Grand Taxi!

Taking a taxi in North America is a luxury! You call one of several companies, they show up where you ask them to be, they take you to your destination, and most importantly...taxis are not shared and you only pay at the end of your trip when the driver is not driving!

I had been exposed to taxis in Egypt and Iran before, so Moroccan Grand Taxis were not really a surprise to me! Two people sit in the front seat (often reserved for women, and what I'd try to snag!), and 4 were in the back. No seat-belts of course, windows rolled down, drivers not abiding by lane markers, honking and swerving, and the funniest part? How everything from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber to covers of popular dance songs would blare from the radios! It felt so surreal and made me really wonder where I was!

So this is how the process would go four times a day: I'd walk over to a collection of taxis and tell a d…

Projects Abroad: Two Week Care Project in Morocco

So here I am, on my flight from Rabat, Morocco to Paris, France, the first of 3 to get back home to Calgary. I thought I’d have time to blog while in Morocco, but the days were just so fully occupied, and Internet connection was haphazard at best, so I knew I’d have to wait until I at least started my return journey!
It’s going to be a challenge to try and blog about my experiences in Morocco. To try and capture what I saw, did, heard, and felt while there proves to be challenging to put into words. It was most likely the best two weeks of my life in so many ways, and as my friends told me (and they were right of course!), Morocco has proven to be life changing. I hope to try and describe what and how as much as I can place into words…but there are also some other things that I’m going to have to wait to tell y’all! ;)
There’s no feasible way I could solely write one blog entry to summarize my two-week experience.And then I thought I should probably separate my experiences into categor…