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Pre-Departure to Morocco: T minus 36 Hours-ish!!!

Ok, I DO realize I should be working right now (as in last minute paperwork and documentation), but I just returned home from two schools' parent-teacher interviews and I'm a little tired!! And it truly has been ages since I've blogged, and I felt the need to at least post a pre-departure entry. And then InshaaAllah, the entries will continue when I'm there :)

So yes, as most friends have ask, I am mostly all packed, as my final laundry load was completed today and will be added to my suitcase tomorrow evening! My carry-on backpack is ready to go, it just awaits my laptop and essential other technological pieces haha (such as my camera, cell phone, chargers, etc). It's also laden with my 'Disabled Village Children' book (thanks Joyce!!), my Rough Guide to Morocco, and Lululemon (oh yes!) comfy pants for the middle red-eye portion of my journey (i.e. Toronto to Paris). YEE-HAW!

I really hope to be able to hit up Internet Cafes in the evening so I can at leas…