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'Oh You Who Believe!' - Day One

The moment I secured the silver bracelet around my wrist, I knew that my life would somewhat once again be changed. It was the same feeling I had exactly 2 years ago to this week when I attended Almaghrib's course 'The Shepherd's Path', and I walked out of that event a different person as I had walked in. The past weekend at One Ummah was no different, and Inshallah I really hope we can all continue to ride the momentum.

I thought about randomly blogging about the thoughts than ran through my head during each of the workshops and lectures. But then I realized that this methodology would provide no order to the information I took away, and that I should work to organize the pages of notes I took into some sort of logical and user friendly format! Because as soon I stepped foot out of the Telus Convention Centre at 10:45pm on Sunday February 20th, reality hit me, and I realized I am going to need some sort of reminder each and every day about the impact that the Sheikhs&#…