The Stolen Dinner Plate Conundrum

Note: Dedicated to my Almadina homies! :)

It was meant to be an elegant affair, one for refinement, dignity, and polite hoity-toity dinner conversation. We had planned to sip our waters and teas and coffees, nod politely and laugh gently at what was being said, and be examples of what the proper lady should act like at such an exquisite dinner function.


Oh yes, our little table in the back of the room did have our fun (even though we were the LAST at the buffet line for dinner!). It started with innocent picture taking, then led to potatoes falling off forks and making a huge 'THUD!' sound, then my superhero like instincts to grab a dinner plate to use for dessert (COME ON, there was NO room for fruit!) only to be CUSSED out by a server in a foreign language, and then finally to me having to steal a box of napkins from the ladies room because we were all laughing so hard we were crying, AND I even considered using my napkin as a nikab to stop the tears from streaming down my face. The looks across the table were priceless, and apparently, there was TOO much balsamic vinegar on one of the salads and it was worth repeating a couple of times very loudly AND certain unexpected individuals like to do Zumba! A little TMI me thinks!

OH, but it was fun! At the end of the evening we walked out gallantly with our Visa gift cards, misinterpreted overheard cell-phone conversations (Jeena!!), snapped a few more pictures, and then drove out into the night, wondering when again our paths would cross for more mayhem to be made!!


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