The Sister Network

It was March 2010. My mom came home from work and announced "Sameera, I found you a friend!" I looked at her inquisitively, and a little confused, and asked for clarification. "I met a really good pharmaceutical rep, we chatted for a long time, and she gave me her number. AND she wears hijab like you! You guys would be good friends!" 

Let me give a little background before going on here! My mom knew that I badly needed and wanted a greater network of friends. Having made a critical transition recently, I didn't have the extended support network I needed. Working in my dad's clinic, my mom comes across pharmaceutical reps all the time, and that day, the rep of MY DREAMS walked in ;)

So Sara and I talked and then set up a blind date at Market Mall. The story is quite romantic actually, she told me she was wearing a leopard print hijab and was by the M.A.C. counter in The Bay. Sigh, I remember it like it was yesterday! ;) It was sister love at first sight HAHA! We kept in touch and then a couple of months later, I was invited to a barbecue at her house (May 2010 to be exact). I then met Maysoon (who introduced me to Jessica!), along with Maliha, Aisha, and Nesmah. That summer (July 2010), I attended a spoken word event (with The Recipe!), and at that event met Mina and Dena (hey, it rhymes!). Then there was the Women's Eid Banquet in September, and there I met Saima, Nada, Suesan, and saw quite a few additional sisters I knew already and from work. Since then, I've been to a few events and met more sisters, thus expanding my sister network. And it's been awesome!!!

Through work, I've been connected to an amazing network of individuals.  Shelina, Nicole, Cathy, Jadine, Krista, Shannon, Sadia, Jeena, Rania, Anisa, Ghada, Agapi, Carol, Fatimeh, Rodayna, and Hanan (I miss you). It's rare to find individuals that you not only get along well with from a working perspective, but also at the level of friendship. SubhanAllah, I have not been as well connected in my ENTIRE life as I am now, and I am so thankful.

(Arwen, you deserve a special mention, since each time I tell friends about what you do for my mom and I, they are SHOCKED! You are such a unique, supportive, and kind hearted soul! And my travel hungry buddy too!! lol)

It's done CRAZY WONDERS for me to have friends who are going through the same things, both ups and downs. Each time we meet, we share a few laughs, a few stories, and a few woes. My married sisters give me comfort that it will someday happen for me (INSHALLAH!) and my single sisters share their stories of single-hoodedness. And you people actually read my blog ramblings! Hopefully out of choice and not compulsion ;)

And speaking of my blog, I've been connected to more people who read my entries. Laverne, we've never met, yet you've been extremely supportive and guiding. Sofia, the Atlantic ocean keeps up apart, but we will meet someday Insha'Allah, either in Morocco or London! 

So that is why I am dedicating this entry to all of you. There aren't enough words to describe the gratitude I owe each and every one of you for accepting me as who I am and for sharing your lives with me. Peace and blessings upon you all :)


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