Letting Go

I've been recently thinking a lot about swimming pools. More specifically about the analogy of a new swimmer trying to tackle a full lap to the deep end for the first time. You feel safe in the shallow end, holding onto the wall, feet planted firmly on the bottom. But the thought of having to let go, and swimming all across the pool as the water gets a darker shade of turquoise blue from the increasing depth, is quite scary.

There are numerous times in our lives during which we are that swimmer. Everything from starting a new program of study or a new job, to making a life altering decision or lowering your walls and opening up to someone...it truly can be likened to letting go of the wall in the shallow end and starting to swim. At a certain point in the lap, we all know there's no turning back, and why should we turn back when we've come so far? 

Of course, there is no guarantee about how things turn out. Either you make it all the way to the deep end, or you're left treading water in the middle somewhere. In some cases, you really do have to turn around and swim back. 

Something I'm starting to realize as my spirituality grows is that while I worry my head off about letting go of that wall, I really don't have control over everything. So what I'm trying to do now is that while I let go, I say a huge 'Inshallah' (i.e. God Willing) and keep praying as I swim forward. 

And don't get me wrong, it's extremely challenging to keep trying to complete that ONE lap when you've had to turn around a few times. But there's something about the human spirit that is truly amazing. We are resilient and we do continue on. Think about the analogy of a mother giving birth. The reason her brain does not hold onto the agony of childbirth is for reproductive purposes: so she will endure another birth! The same goes for our life situations: while some are hurtful and leave us wanting to exit the pool, most of us want to continue and try again. And we will keep trying until we achieve the goal.

So with that being said, I've just let go of the wall in the shallow end and I am starting to slowly swim forwards...


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