Islamic Internet Lingo

These days, we all use acronyms when we send text messages or instant messages to our fellow homies. So it got me Muslims need SPECIAL acronyms for those long and hard to convey situations that may cause us to cut short our conversations in lieu of more meaningful activities!! LOL. Not that this is anything new, I've already seen ASA being used for 'As-Salaamun-Alaikum', WAS for 'Wa-Alaikum-as-Salaam', and ISA for Insha'Allah. So here's a list of acronyms I thought us Sisters and Brothers should start using:

SS: Saying Salat

BMF: Breaking My Fast

DA/DW: Doing Ablutions/Doing Wudu

RQ: Reciting Quran

PFI: Preparing For Iftar

CWPP: Communicating With Potential Partner (LOL how often would this come up?!)

GTM: Going to Mosque/Gone to Mosque

POH: Putting On Hijab

SID/BID: Sister/Brother In Distress!

DC: Drinking CHAI!!

EK: Eating Kabobs!

EBC: Eating Butter Chicken

LMHO: Laughing My Hijab Off

BMW BRB: (ready for this one?!) Broke My Wudu, Be Right Back

So you know what you need to do! Pull out your cell phones, smart phones, or hop onto IM and start practicing!! :P

OAO (Over and Out!),


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