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From "Inception" to Islam

I'm proud to admit that my 'favoritest' movie of all time is "Inception". How do I know this? Well, I saw it 3 times when it was (and still IS!) in the theatre (one of those times was IMAX and it was INCREDIBLE!), and bought the special edition Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack (the DAY it came out!) with a spinning top t-shirt, which I ceremoniously gave to my younger brother as a 'Happy Inception-release day' gift. Since that ubiquitous purchase, I've watched the movie 4 times and viewed the behind the scenes extras just last night. My brother almost convinced me to watch the movie again last night, but I resisted and created a 'one-week between Inception viewing' rule that I plan to enforce with an iron fist!

For those who have seen the movie (which I hope is everyone reading 2-3 people!), you'll most likely agree that its complex, brilliant, and has some amazing sequences. AND, fun fact, did you know that the ice fortress scene was…


November and December 2010 are two months I most likely will not forget. Work wise, they were insane, and affected me in a way I never thought work could. Not only did I physically feel stressed and irritated, but emotionally I was labile and had much less patience than I normally do. It's only since ending work on Friday for a two-week break that I've come to realize how unbalanced my life was. Yes, I used 'was' because the time has come to change things for good. There's no way I'm going back to feeling the way I did over those two months.

I've had some time to analyze the causes of the craziness, and realize that I brought all of that stress onto myself. So after performing a meta-cognitive analysis, here are my conclusions:

1. "If I don't do it, no one else will"
Oh this mentality is dangerous! At some point or another, we all think we're the only ones in our little universe who can do things, and more importantly, do things right! But …