The Week the MEN Went!

So I remember a couple of summers ago there was a CBC show called 'The Week the Women Went'. A small town in Nova Scotia, I believe, actually shipped away all women for a week so that the MEN had to run the entire town by themselves. I only caught one episode, but it was quite interesting. And then I recently started thinking about purposely doing the OPPOSITE, shipping all MEN away, so that us HIIJABI women can enjoy some unrestricted freedom for a while. I'm not saying that we should clear men from the entire city of Calgary, but I did think of these key places, since us Muslim Sistahs like to frequent them once in a while!

1. The Mall
Can you imagine going shopping without having your hijab tangle up in the clothes you're trying on? Or, trying on clothes and not squinting to death trying to imagine what the outfit would look like with a matching hijab on? Subhanallah, it would be amazing! P.S. In terms of specific malls, I choose Southcentre and Cross Iron Mills ;)

2. The Hair Salon
I am incredibly lucky to have the most amazing hair stylist (Arwen at Chrome Salon on 17th Avenue!) who actually will come in when the salon is closed, on her DAY OFF (Sundays!), and cut my hair, AND usually my mom's too! It's a few times a year, but it means so much to me, because frankly, I trust no one else to style my do! But wouldn't it be AWESOME to visit the salon during normal hours, and to have a cut and colour job, and THEN be able to enjoy it for the rest of the day! ~Sigh~ Need I say more?!

3. The Gym
To this day, I am stunned that ALL of the women's gyms in this city employ male personal trainers. Darn it, that's an OXYMORON! I had to leave my gym 2 years ago, since I found it too challenging to run a 5K wearing a hijab and while fully covered. So I expanded my home gym in the basement, which has been awesome, but I miss the pull-up machine, the large space for lunges across the gym, and spinning :( Now imagine a WEEK'S worth of gym time worry free! Like, no hijab to and from and in the gym! Can I get a holla?!

4. The Swimming Pool
This is another peeve of mine, as I've heard NON-Muslim women want women only swim time too. And for us Muslims, it's limited to 2 hours a week on a Saturday (and not consistently either!), when some us have other plans. Like, one pool in a city of 1.2 million people, ONLY for women of all ages...wouldn't that ROCK?!

5. A Coffee Shop AND Restaurant
What's better than dressing up and meeting your Muslim Sistah friends for...COFFEE!!!!! (and then dinner right after that, HA!). That's right people! Us Muslim Sistahs love to meet for coffee, tea (chai! lol), or hot chocolate. And I don't mean Timmies either! I mean Second Cup or Good Earth. Wouldn't it just rock to have a girls' night out in public? And I mean this in the most halal-est of ways! :) OH, and remove all of the alcohol from the restaurant too while you're at it, thank yoooouuuuuu!

6. WORK!
That's right, people! I have had AGONIZING mornings when I don't have a hijab to match the sweater I'm wearing, OR I'm dead set on wearing this ONE hijab, yet I don't know what to wear with it. What a time waster! Now imagine getting up in the morning and not having to worry about that. But then again, that WOULD mean doing your hair, ugh! And for me, that means waking up earlier, and lots of blow-dryin and straightening. But then again, the 'just woken up' look is still kinda! :O

Ok, so I think you get my point, while realizing how absolutely absurd this entire blog is! But a girl can still dream...can't she?! :)

p.s. I know what you're gonna ask: 'But Sameera, how do we get to and from all of these places without being seen, since men are still in the streets?' Easy, my dear friend...a completely TINTED STRETCH LIMO! :) Boom chica boom chica!


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